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Portable Closet World's Top Five Closet Types

Portable Closet WorldEvery year, more and more people move out of the homes they grew up in or their college dormitories and move to more permanent residences. This growing population of independent people requires places to live, and with more and more people needing living space each year, smaller and smaller apartments with smaller and smaller closets have emerged. This lack of closet space is the main reason why invention like the portable closet can be an important part of a person's life.

Apart from being incredibly affordable, portable closet space often more practical! Check out our

Top Five Types of Portable or Folding Closets

1. A Soft-Plastic Zip-Up Closet

This is a simple plastic container which stands with the help of a light metal frame. The closet is usually opened with a large zipper, unzipping the soft plastic covering and revealing the contents. The simplest designs have a simple metal rod which allows for the hanging or clothes, but other designs may have shelves as well. It often has wheels at the bottom so the container can be easily moved.

2. A Hard-Plastic Closet

Very similar to the soft-plastic closet, except it is more durable. It looks like a a free standing cupboard, except it is tall and has wheels. It is usually opened with doors, and like the soft version has a metal rod for hanging clothes. This type is more likely to have shelves than the soft version.

3. A Folding Closet

Incredibly practical for when you have guests, and need to clear some closet space, a folding closet can be neatly folded and stored when not in use, and simply unfolded or reconstructed when needed. There are plastic versions, canvas versions, and some wooden versions as well.

4. A Canvas Rack

Perhaps the best way to keep shoes, there are many different types of canvas racks available. Some can hang from a closet rod itself, creating shelves for your shoes or clothes, while others, which have pockets for each shoe or each pair, can be tacked along the bottom of your bedroom wall, keeping you organized while saving space.

5. A Simple Clothes Rack

The simplest of all portable closets is a simple clothes rack. We often see these in stores. They are simple metal structures which have one or two rods for hanging clothes, such as shirts and pants. Some even have a flat area in the bottom in which shoes can be placed.

A portable closet is the perfect answer to the modern person. The type of person who may live in a place that lacks space, leads a life in which moving around needs to be done often, or simply needs help in getting their closet more organized. Most smaller homes benefit from having portable closets. Consider one today!

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